Marie Originals Poison Ivy & Oak Natural Bar Soap All Natural Soap for Itch Relief, 2.9 Oz 2-Pack

Marie Originals Poison Ivy & Oak Natural Bar Soap All Natural Soap for Itch Relief, 2.9 Oz 2-Pack

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Don't let another run-in with poison ivy . oak . or sumac put your summer plans on hold!

Worry less about summer and allergic reactions by using our specially crafted poison ivy and oak natural bar soap. This bar soap ensures you stay itch and discomfort-free . granting you peace of mind and confidence no matter what you come across outdoors.

A powerhouse hybrid of raw power and raw nature . our bar soap is designed to address specific conditions using 100% pure bioactive plant extracts . including sassafras root. This bar soap provides targeted itch relief that is both safe and gentle for even the most sensitive skin . while still delivering fast and powerful results.

Experience the itch-free summer you deserve with Marie Originals Poison Ivy & Oak Natural Bar Soap.

Our all natural soap contains no artificial ingredients . dyes . or scents and is specially formulated to prevent and provide immediate relief from poison ivy . oak and sumac rashes. It is made with naturally sourced . skin-loving ingredients that are specifically chosen to help soothe and nourish your skin while calming your rashes and outbreaks.

With our natural soap . you can experience lasting relief without compromising on purity or effectiveness. While the herbs in the triple-acting brown soap reduce swelling . as well as soothe and relieve pain and itching . the pure natural clay and organic oat bran pulls the nasty oils and impurities left behind by the poisonous leaves off the skin . stopping the progression of the irritation.

Our bar soap is easy to use and can be used on any part of your body affected by poison ivy. Simply lather the soap and apply it to the affected area . then rinse thoroughly with water. Use 3 times daily or as needed until the rash subsides.

Enjoy the great outdoors with confidence and peace of mind. Add the Marie Originals Poison Ivy & Oak Natural Bar Soap to your cart today.

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